WELL-BEING must come first

Are you feeling overwhelmed, anxious, way more tense than normal… is EVERYTHING taking its toll?

Is your resilience low, vitality vanished and are you feeling flatter than ever before? If not… that’s fantastic, and if yes, perhaps this is you or someone you know, friend, family member, colleague or a team member, then please read on…

Have you ever heard of oxidative stress?

In my 13 years coaching and mentoring business leaders and 30 plus of leadership myself, no one ever told me about this… until more recently and it’s pretty profound.

It’s profound personally and professionally, to learn about the science behind a key factor in the aging process that isn’t just about when we get to 70 or 80 or 90. It’s impacting us right now.

Backstory, when it comes to business leadership, I’ve spent so many years thinking it was only mindset… get the mindset right and that’s it, however what happens if the body is no longer playing ball the way it used to…?

Just like the apple that oxidises over a period of time, so do our cells… the only difference is we can’t see it. Now we may feel it a bit. The signs are showing, small niggles, aches and pains. Perhaps we keep saying, oh we’re just getting a bit older.

Maybe it’s the brain fog, excessive impatience, not sleeping, lethargy and tiredness.

Maybe we’re really not coping well with the stress of life.

Which is in fact – the oxidative stress in our body occuring!

Again we put it down to ‘feeling’ older’ or being overworked or the fact that it’s been a pretty insane 12 – 18 months. We might be being too busy to look after ourselves and we ignore the little signs, at least till they become bigger issues (which at this point is oxidative damage = disease).

What if we can actually turn the situation around and reactivate our cells to be healthy and prevent and reduce oxidative stress that is causing these symptoms’?

At work and at home, many people rely on us, look up to us and need us at our best.

If there is nothing left in the tank and you’re running on empty. It might be time to take a look under the hood. Like the apple, if a car stays out in the air, it rusts over time. It’s happening to us too. Except the rust is on the inside, we may not realise how bad it looks or the damage it is actually doing… or the serious effects short and long term.

Would you want to know how to reduce your oxidative stress to your cells by 40% in just 30 days and up to 70% across 90 days and well … ongoing after that?

Would you like to sleep better, feel stronger and more energetic, and have a clear and focused mind, so you can lead the team and business better again? (Regardless of what’s going on around us!)

Message the word REDUCE here and I’ll flick you over a video to watch.



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