What Role do you Play?

What Role do you Play?

Chatting with a great leader the other day. Holds a senior executive role within a business. He’s passionate, amazing with people, great technical skills. However… here’s the big BUT coming. He is SO caught up in the day to day that he cannot step away and be strategic, plan or focus on the bigger picture.

If caught up in the day to day – we call that The Firefighter…. Constantly working on the fires, the here and the now, today mostly. Perhaps next week. Might just be operational. Trapped in the ‘doing’.

If you’re caught up looking after the people all day – we call that The Parent… trying to keep everyone happy, maybe placating, adjudicating or negotiating… depending on how well or not the kids are behaving 😉 Also depends on whether you’re leading toddlers, teens, young or mature adults. And this has nothing to do with age. It’s all about attitude!

If you’re caught up in the day to day feeling like you need legs, arms and a head of steel – we call that The Warrior… you come home exhausted because you’ve spent all day being STRONG, leading the way, going into battle, taking charge, sometimes it’s in a great way and sometimes less so.

We choose roles, we sometimes inherit roles and we sometimes do roles unconsciously, without realising. It’s got nothing to do with titles. It’s about how we show up every day and how we handle our day to day, week to week, month to month and year to year.

There are a few more roles we could talk about The Teacher or The Professor, The Rockstar, The King or Queen… you might already have a vibe on where you tend to default to. It’s not so much about which role you play, it’s more about whether it’s working for you, the team and the business. And perhaps if it’s not, give it a rethink.

Which role would you like to be doing less of or doing more of?



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