What’s more important, mindset or marketing?

When it comes to tourism leadership and growing tourism business, what’s more important, mindset or marketing?

The reason I ask…. I frequently have this conversation.

What matters more?

Or what matters most?

And what do they both mean?!

Many tourism business leaders aren’t doing well at marketing – think attracting tourists to their business because their mindset holds them back…

Here’s how;

– They’re reluctant to promote themselves, their story, the history behind the business, the future vision and aspiration – their reason WHY this tourism business exists (internally or externally)

– They’re reluctant to put the business out there, as in really speaking up and out loud about the points of difference, what makes it unique, special, and a must-do and see experience.

– They’re adverse to taking risks, trying new strategies, and techniques, and grabbing opportunities when presented or actively seeking them out.

Marketing takes mindset.

It is about being able to get into the customers’ shoes and really shout out loud about what the business is all about, and what solutions to problems it offers customers. In the tourism world, the solution is holidays, relaxation, meeting people, connection to land, country, and culture, the sensory experience from nature, food, wine, and oh so much more.

Yet, unless your mindset is really focused, your marketing might be a bit bland, a bit all over the shop, irregular and inconsistent, or mix up its market and message.

Also, think about marketing in the internal sense, what’s the message to the team, to find talent, to recruit, develop, and train staff. What’s your internal marketing message to create an amazing culture that’s dedicated to customers, delivers above and beyond, or just the basics…

So yes, both REALLY matter, they’re both essential and important for the growth of a tourism team and the business, and they work together to create a successful operation. Mindset shapes the way leaders think and act, while marketing helps to promote the business and attract customers, and staff.

Another way of looking at it;

Mindset: A positive and growth-oriented mindset is essential for tourism business leaders to overcome challenges, take calculated risks, and seize new opportunities. Leaders with the right mindset are better equipped to adapt to changes in the industry and to inspire their teams to do the same.

Marketing: Effective marketing is essential for tourism businesses to attract new customers and retain existing ones. Marketing strategies such as digital marketing, social media, and content marketing can help tourism businesses reach new audiences and build relationships with customers.

So do you need a little more of one or the other right now, or perhaps a little or a lot of both?

Genevieve “M Matters ”


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