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Wise Advice from Yoda

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Take a moment and try and pick up a pen near you. Yes, actually try and pick up the pen.

At this point, you could be still reading or you might actually have picked up the pen. Because you see in the words of Yoda from Star Wars “You either do or do not, there is no try”.

So frequently, when discussing team, dynamics, challenges and issues with clients, I’ll ask “What have you done already? They often then start saying…. “Well, we’ve tried … this, that and or the other thing.

However here’s what I believe is the problem with ‘Trying’ is it can be a little half arsed. Yes, it’s half baked. It means there is not the full commitment, the full Monty to actually get in there boots and all and give something a go.

And to really get in and give something a go, to make changes or improvements, here are some useful steps and questions to utilise:

What are the clear outcomes desired or required?

What is the situation right now?

What might be 1 or several of the obstacles to overcome?

What are the first 2-3 steps, we need to take right now to initiate momentum, implementation and/or action?

What will be a measure to know we achieve ‘above said desired or required’ outcome or important milestones enroute?

So look at your pen again, ‘try and pick it up’….. tricky hey.

So now think about a challenge or change you and the team could benefit from making. Whether it might be around consistency of team meetings, weekly accountability, communication with difficult challenges or giving and receiving feedback. Notice how ‘trying’ with these important areas for high-performing teams won’t work with the ‘TRY’ mentality.

It needs a clearly articulated vision, plan, milestones and steps mapped out.

Where’s the missing gap for you and the team, or are you all sorted?


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