PH_Workshop 3Ps

Workshopping the 3P’s

PH_Workshop 3Ps
How often do you get the team together? Are the meetings always operational or do you get a chance to be strategic? Do you focus on the product (or service), process, or spend time talking to people.

I love using the 3 P’s technique.

Product, Process, and People

Often many businesses get caught up or bogged down in putting too much energy into 1 or 2 of the P’s and not enough into the 3rd. It’s not the same for each business. It actually depends entirely on the phase of growth the business is in currently and where they’re headed to.

It could be the issues and gaps are blind spots, as the business leader doesn’t realize that’s where the problems are.

Or perhaps they’re obvious issues, without a way to solve the problems yet.

It’s on the to-do list, however, there is never enough time, money, or resources.

Whether known or unknown, workshopping is a great way to bring to light what’s working well and what needs tweaking, refining, and improving.

Without the product, we’ll have no customers, without processes, our people can’t work productively and without the people, we can’t service our customers.

So it all ties in and all need some love.

It’s not about fixing it all yesterday either, it’s about awareness, communication, and action to get the ball rolling, the ship sailing, and business growth.

Want a hand workshopping it with your team?


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