Overcome High Anxiety and Stress

The long-term effects of ongoing stress and high anxiety are enormous.

When we stay in a state of heightened fear, anxiety, and stress, it reduces our capacity to think quickly, and effectively, and more importantly, work through decisions, problem-solving, and conflict.

Most people have no awareness of their ‘reduced’ state – it’s become so “normal”. And whilst it’s not great for leaders to operate like that in this unhealthy “normal”, it’s also not ideal for those working with or for a leader who is operating in their reduced state.

It can mean people are often very quick to change their mind, are snappy and short, not communicating clearly or succinctly (ie. waffling and not really saying what they mean) and the worst one when operating at reduced capacity is reactiveness…… it can mean something happens, it can be blown out of proportion, or everything else is dropped and this new focus becomes EVERYTHING and everyone else around the leader has to jump as well.

It’s exhausting for everyone.

In some cases, highly stressed people operate faster, driven by adrenaline and cortisol (stress hormones), whilst others find it slows them right down and they’re trying desperately to do work, make decisions, and think quickly, however, the brain fog takes over.

PQing (doing Positive Intelligence reps – think lifting weights in the gym/muscles in your mind) means you can strengthen your ability to cope with difficult situations, long-term stress, and high workloads and your speed of recovery is amazing.

Because let’s be honest, we’re not suddenly going to be able to wave our magic wand and all the issues and challenges go away.


We have to get better at managing internally within ourselves what’s going on externally. The way in which we react, respond, and interact. It starts with the self.

So what if you could find yourself, coping better, managing differently, and leading very effectively through these challenging times for so many different reasons?

Imagine that…


We recently recorded a video that showcased PQing to help overcome high anxiety and stress. You can watch it here, and we hope you find it useful and you gain both insight and motivation to be the master at managing your state and being able to quickly and effectively shift negative thinking and emotions!

Tell us, what were your key takeaways? Share your thoughts, and let’s keep the conversation going.

Remember, knowledge is power, and the TOURISM industry is constantly evolving. Stay focused, stay motivated, and watch you and the business soar!




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