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Presupposing a Team’s Potential

One family holiday we decided to brave it and all go snorkelling. It seemed like a fairly mammoth effort getting everyone kitted out in wetsuits, snorkels and fins. In the back of my mind, I kept thinking it would just be easier to stay on the boat and enjoy the views and the sounds of…

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What Role do you Play?

I was chatting with a great leader the other day. They hold a senior executive role within a tourism business. He’s passionate, amazing with people, and with great technical skills. However… here’s the big BUT coming. He is SO caught up in the day-to-day that he can’t step away and be strategic, plan or focus…

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Activities to Improve Skill & Capability across the Tourism Team

What activities does your business undertake daily to improve the skill and capability of the team? By way of example – any of these; Team meetings Staff training Onboarding new starters Performance development Strategic planning session Constructive feedback conversations And there is so much more… Are you doing any of these today or something else?…

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